Workshop Guidelines for Workshop Compensation 

for Guild Members

1. Workshop fee to members is $12 for half day and $20 full day workshop. Any kit fee is separate from the workshop fee, with full amount going to the provider of the kits.

2. PPQG member-provider will receive the full $12/half day - $20/full day for every attendee up to 10 attendees, thus potentially earn $120/$200 for the workshop. For example, if there are 5 attendees of the half-day workshop, the provider earns $12 X 5 = $60.

3. For more than 10 attendees, the remaining income from fees will go into a workshop fund for any future workshops that have a deficit. So, for example, if the PPQG member half-day workshop had 15 attendees, $120 goes to the provider, and $60 goes into the workshop fund.

4. As a guideline, if the PPQG member-provider does not wish for the compensation, all or in part, the compensation can then be added to the workshop fund to support future workshops.

5. The PPQG member-provider, working with the workshop coordinator, may determine the minimum and maximum number of attendees for the workshop. 

Voted and approved by PPQG Executive Board May 2018