Volunteers 2018 

Be a Volunteer to help your Guild grow. We'd love that! Descriptions of each position are listed below:

  • Newsletter and Courtesy Ads Point of Contact  -  Donna D'Amelio
  • Circulation -  Debbie Moore
  • Property Management - Shonda Berry
  • Sunshine - Sandy Barnes
  • Membership  - Debbie Moore and Cathy Fowler
  • Honor Quilts - -Karen Whitley and Terri McHenry
  • Small Service Projects - Sherry Behun and Kim Beatley
  • 2018 Challenge - Marilyn Rivera
  • 2018 Raffle Quilt - Gina Vivian
  • 2019 Raffle Quilt - Vacant
  • 2020 Symposium Chair - Vacant
  • Workshops -  Mark and Cathy Fowler
  • E-tree Coordinator  -  Linda Odell
  • UFO Challenge - Lois Bates and Nancy Shrout
  • Web Manager  - Linda Odell
  • Fall Festival Chair  - Susan Waddles and Candy Byrd

Day Chapter

  • Monthly Mini  - Amy Mazich and Kathy DeCarlo
  • Day Block of the Month  - Pat McGough, Nancy Carter, Valerie Lee
  • Day Hospitality -  Pat Sappenfiled
  • Day Programs  - Janette Doucette
  • Day Parliamentarian - Vicki Marsh
  • Day Historian - Marilyn Rivera
  • Day Librarian  - Lisa Hartman

Night Chapter

  • Monthly Mini - Nancy Garnett and Joy Duke
  • Night Block of the Month - Denise Vassar
  • Night Greeter -  Jeanne Surber
  • Night Hospitality - Goldie Fields
  • Night Programs - Maggie Wampler
  • Night Parliamentarian - Vacant
  • Night Historian  - Karen O'Kelley
  • Night Librarian - Lisa Hartman 

Volunteer Openings - We still have some volunteer positions to fill. We are looking for someone to step up to take the following positions:

  • 2019 Raffle Quilt Chair or Committee: This would be a great job for a Bee. The 2019 Raffle Quilt will be displayed at Mid Atlantic and needs to be a large quilt. It would be good to involve the whole Guild in making this quilt.   
  • 2020 Symposium Chair or Co-chairs:  We need someone or committee to start planning the Symposium. We need to set a date in order to secure a venue and start lining up instructors to teach classes that day.  
  • Night Parliamentarian: Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern all proceedings whenever applicable.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, please contact Gala Damato.