Virtual Mask-erade

Thank you to the thirty members who have donated face masks for Riverside Hospital. We have donated over 1,800 face masks so far. The need still exists for face masks for Riverside outpatients and visitors to the hospital. So I will continue to collect face masks through July and deliver them to Riverside. If you have contributed to other hospitals groups, that is good since the need for face masks is great. Every face mask helps but I want to recognize some members for contributing a large number of face masks. Kitty Tully, Marilyn Rivera, Denise Vassar and Vicki Marsh have each donated over 200 masks. Cathy Fowler and Norma Sims have donated over 100 masks each. Donating over fifty are Heidi Borchardt, Linda Tozier, Sweetie Davis, Joan Kelly, Yvette Cienski and Jeanne Surber. If you have adult or child size face masks to donate to Riverside, contact Gala Damato [email protected] for pick up.

Lois Bates

Norma Simms

Nancy Davis

Denise Vassar


Sherry Behun

Sandy OBrien

Joanne Gardner

Joan Cochran

Hanging on door for pickup!

Marilyn Rivera

Left on the porch for pickup!

Heide Borchardt

Anne Schultz

Vicki Marsh

Kitty Tully

Diane Zehmet

Kathy Fowler

Carol - Helping a friend!

Carol R - helping a friend!