Thanks to the Guild from Outside Receiver of Quilts 

Thank you from Natasha House

Thank you from Sophia

Thank you from Fisher House

Thank you Letter from Clark's Wife from Hanover Fire

Name: Barbara Alsleben

 [email protected]

Hi! I am the spouse of an active duty marine. We were at Portsmouth naval hospital on April 3rd for my husband to have a mass removed from his kidney. We stayed at the Fisher House and were given one of your amazing quilts. For some, this may seem like a very nice gesture. But for me, as a spouse who can only be supportive, it was a touch of extra love...a splash of color in a sterile, cold and uninviting environment. I cannot express my appreciation enough. You all give your time and talent and I just wanted to remind you how much it is appreciated.... my husband has been serving for 28 years so far....and this was our second trip to Portsmouth, second surgery and having this beautiful colorful quilt really made a difference. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I would love to share a few pics if you’d like. Just font know where to send them. Thank you for your time and THANK YOU for your overwhelming kindness.

Sgt. Maj. and Barbara Alsleben

Hanover CREW Foundation

Good afternoon Linda,

I apologize for the delay in getting back with you on how the presentation to the Families went at the golf tournament. The families were floored and very appreciative for the beautiful quilts presented to them. 

We'd like to thank you again for reaching out to us and supporting our responders and their families in need and crisis.

Thomas S. Nelson, Treasurer

Hanover CREW Foundation (pictures from event)


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