The Ruth and Doris Quilt

58" x 78" (can be adjusted to a larger/smaller size easily)

An original quilt design by Randee Tassara and Judy Pendley using color to make the quilt look much more complicated then it is. This is an all-day class (9-noon & 1-4 p.m.)

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You may recognize Darrel as a white-glove person for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival where he has white gloved over 20 years, enlightening non-quilters and quilters on the best of show quilts

This couple has been quilting together for a little over 20 years. Randee has been quilting close to 40 years. Her grandmother was a quilter. It skipped the next generation by passing to Randee. Now Randee's and Darrel's granddaughters quilt also! 

The couple teaches, lectures and sometimes design their own quilt patterns. A few of their quilts hung in the Contemporary Art Museum of Williamsburg, VA. The Peninsula Piecemakers Quilt Guild hosted them a couple of years back - they presented us with a trunk show - showing over 40 quilts and giving us some humorous stories about some of their favorites.

Randee is a 30’s and scrap kind of quilter, and Darrel was until the last few years a miniature quilt person.

Randee & Darrel Tassara