Long-arm Quilters 

Need a Long-Arm Quilter? Here's a list of long-arm quilters in the Guild:

Cathy and Mark Creations

206 Sir John Way, Seaford, VA 23696

757-833-6035 (h) or 757-329-4059 (c)

Traditional long-arm not computerized.

New business. Computerized Long Arming

Terry Hanson, Quilt N4U

757-872-9639 (h) or 757-871-3228 (c)

[email protected]

Computer – Gammill Statler Stitcher

Joanne Neal

Mill Creek Quilting


[email protected]

Sunshine Quilt Corner

Carol Pittman

926 Burghley Ct.

Newport News, VA 23608

Computerized Long-arming


[email protected]

Lori Murdock

Daisy Quiltworks

3349 Oyster Creek Dr.

Suffolk, VA


[email protected]

Rhonda Gianturco

757-833-1677 or 757-329-8878

Computerized Long-arming
[email protected]

Malinda Dagenhart

113 James Landing Rd

Newport News