Lisa Hartman has been working on the Guild library to consolidate and downsize it. She will have some of the library books available to members at both meetings.

The Guild has over 200 quilt-related books divided into two libraries: Red Dot and Blue Dot. This refers to the color of the dot on the book cover. The libraries are rotated every six months between the Chapters. You may borrow two books per month if you have no outstanding books or fines. Please write your name, member number, and the date DUE (month/year) on the card in the pocket inside the book cover. Books must be returned to the same Chapter meeting you borrowed them from (i.e., red dot day cannot be returned to blue dot night). The fine for overdue books is $1 per month per book. Donations of books are gladly received. To provide maximum availability to members, books can be renewed only once. This must be done in person at the meeting with book in hand. You may request a book be placed on hold for you. Members are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged books.