Thread Painting Made Simple

This workshop introduces you to a simple way of mastering the straight and zigzag stitch to thread paint simple designs. The process might seem complicated, but with a few spools of thread and a willingness to learn are all that is required to be successful in this workshop. This workshop is a great way to ease into thread painting and learn the basics. It’s fun and addictive. So, come and have a thread painting good time with me. 

Examples of free motion feet from left:

1. Bernina #24

2. Janome or Baby Lock

3. Pfaff 

Workshop Kit Fee $10 (Paid to the Instructor)

  • (1)  6-inch wooden hoop
  • (2) 10-inch Pieces of washable stabilizer - OESD Wash Away Embroidery Stabilizer
  • (2) 10-inch Pieces of clear stabilizer – Superior Dissolve Heavy Duty 4X
  • (2) 10-inch Pieces of fabric stabilizer backing - Muslin
  • (2) 10-inch Tulle – Gray or Silver Tulle
  • (1) paper pattern

Class Supplies

Clear invisible polyester thread clear (I like Superior Mono Poly) Medium, light and dark 40 weight. I use Polyester Rainbows variegated thread by Superior Threads. Needles 60/80, 70/10 for creating fine, detailed lined. 80/12, for light to medium density stitching. 90/14 needles for high-density stitching.

– wind a bobbin for each thread color before workshop

Quilting gloves, disc or whatever you normally use to quilt with Bring extra lighting if the lighting on your machine isn’t bright


Basic sewing supplies – scissors, 70/10 sharp machine needles, tweezers, etc. 

Sewing machine: 

Please know how your machine works and make sure it is in good working order before class. For thread painting you will need to know how to drop the feed dogs, how to adjust your machine for free-motion machine, how to change the upper tension and know where to change the width on the zigzag stitch. If you are unsure of these machine adjustments, please check with your machine dealer before class. A solid sewing platform is recommended. You will need a zigzag throat plate, and don’t forget your sewing machine manual.

Thanks for checking this out before class. 

Open toe free motion foot. It is important to see what you are stitching and where the next stitches are going so select the best foot you can for visibility. Check with your machine dealer for optional free motion feet. Embroidery or extra bobbin case (only if you have one)  

Crystalann Duarte

Born on the island of Trinidad and Tobago, as a child bright vibrant color was everywhere, drawing, painting and making costumes for the carnival season was something she did while still a small girl. Creating beautiful things is in her blood her DNA; soon after retiring from the military with almost 30 years of service (Army), she attended quilting classes in the Newport News area. She received a Quilt of Valor from Walter Reed Military Hospital, while still on active duty. Now she’s able to combine all her passions, designing, beading, painting, drawing, sewing and the love of bright colors.

I found the transition from military very difficult. I saw the world only in blacks and whites. I saw very little too no color, I had to do something, So I decided to go back to a passion I was blessed with Art, so I learned how to quilt. I picked up the sewing machine, fabric and thread and began using it as my canvas and paint.

Selected awards & honors

  • Best Interpretation Ribbon: 2012, “Page 53” Peninsula Piecemakers
  • Quilt Guild yearly challenge. Newport News, VA
  • First Place Ribbon: 2013, “Color Your World” Peninsular Piece Makers Quilt Guild for yearly guild wide quilt challenge Newport News, VA.