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Symposium has been cancelled. April Guild meetings are cancelled.  Look here for more information on other upcoming events.  Make sure you check out the links above for other Outside Shows and Events.  Also have a link for the "Things we Accomplished" while staying home - just show a little of your work or wish good will for someone.

Welcome to Peninsula Piecemakers Quilt Guild!

The Peninsula Piecemakers Quilt Guild (PPQG) has a little over 200 members and we would like to welcome you and share information about the PPQG. Have a look around and if​ you like what you see, perhaps you will decide to join our Guild.

We have two Chapters to accommodate our Members. Our Day Chapter meets at Courthouse Way Community Center and our Night Chapter that meets at the Riverside Warwick Conference Center for our Night Chapter meetings. The address is 12420 Warwick Blvd., Bldg. 6,  Newport News, VA 23606.  (Go here for Directions).

We come together to share our love of quilting. We strive to educate our community with our art form by participating in the Newport News Fall Fest each year. We also participate in several community projects, such as Honor Quilts, and dedicate our time to help our injured soldiers.

If you would like to Contact Us, please do.