Volunteer Opportunities

Be a Volunteer to help your Guild grow.  We'd love that! Descriptions of each position are listed below.
Newsletter and Courtesy Ads Point of Contact Jenny Ballou
Circulation Debbie Moore and Cathy Fowler
Property Management Yvette Cienski
Sunshine Sandy Barnes
Membership Debbie Moore and Cathy Fowler
Honor Quilts Karen Whitley and Terri McHenry
Small Service Projects Gala Damato, Joan Cochran, Ellen Wood, Pat Winters, Brenda Smith and Maggie Haley
Challenge 2017 Jenny Ballou
2017 Raffle Quilt Rhonda Gianturco and Yvette Cienski
Workshops Vacant
E-tree Linda Odell
UFO Challenge Lois Bates and Nancy Shrout
Web Manager Linda Odell
Fall Festival Chair Susan Waddles
2017 Winter Mystery Vacant - Email Gala Damato for information on this position.

Day Chapter

Monthly Mini Amy Mizich and Kathy DeCarlo
Day Block of the Month Tricia Lent, Loy Holt, and Mona Henderickson   (Looking for people to take over in June - See Linda Odell if you are interested.)   
Day Hospitality Pat Sappenfiled
Day Programs Pat McNabb
Day Parliamentarian Pat Winters
Day Historian Georgene Huggett
Day Librarian Lisa Hartman

Night Chapter

Monthly Mini Nancy Garnett and Joy Duke
Night Block of the Month Denise Vassar
Night Greeter Sandy Barnes
Night Hospitality Goldie Fields
Night Programs Gail Lockhart
Night Parliamentarian Pat Winters
Night Historian Vacant
Night Librarian Kris Steil

Volunteer Openings

We still have some volunteer positions to fill. We are looking for someone to step up to take the following positions:

  • Night Chapter Historian: This job is to take pictures at the meetings and of Show and Tell and send them to the web site manager.
  • Local Workshops: One or more members to set up and coordinate workshops taught by Guild Members. We have many talented members willing to teach a variety of classes. The chair can chose which classes are held and attend the classes, too.

If you are interested in any of these volunteer positions, please contact Isobel Meekins at isobel.meekins@gmail.com or 874-4750.