PPQG Honor Quilts

Service Projects for 2017

PPQG Members can support one or all of the projects throughout the year. Completed projects can be brought to the meetings each month. 

Riverside Cancer Patients CHKD

Wheelchair lap quilts for cancer patients receiving treatment at Riverside Hospital. 

These quilts should cover from the waist to the ankles.  An approximate size is 32 inches by 38 inches.  Flannel on the back is good for warmth and to prevent slipping.  This is a good way to try a new pattern or quilting techniques.  Four 12-inch blocks with some sashing makes a good quilt for this project. 

  Lap quilts made by our members for cancer patients receiving
chemo at
Riverside Peninsula Cancer Institute

CHKD NICU and Riverside Hospital

  • Comfort quilts for babies at CHKD that get to go home but don't have a very good prognosis.  For these quilts, you can use brighter fabrics and sizes can be from 24 inches to 36 inches.
  • Small quilts for babies at Riverside Hospital that don't have a blanket to go home in.  The size can be from 30 to 36 inches.
  • Small fabric hearts can be made for parents that have a child in NICU.  The heart will be worn against the Mother’s skin and then put in the isolette with their baby. They can be made out of cotton or flannel and no batting is needed.  A pattern will be provided at the meetings and on the web site.
  • Isolette covers approximately 50 inches wide by 40 inches long can be made.  Bright and primary colors are good for these. No batting is required for the covers as they will hang on the isolettes. Flannel or fleece can be used on the back of the quilt. 

Thank you for supporting Service Projects and sharing your love of quilting throughout the Hampton Roads community. 

Service Project Committee Members are Pat Winters, Joan Cochran, Ellen Wood, Maggie Haley, Brenda Smith and Gala Damato. If you have questions, contact Gala Damato at gala.damato@gmail.com.

Comfort Hearts Pattern