Helpful Terms

The following is a list of activities that the Guild or Chapters may sponsor from time to time.

BEE - Small groups get together for quilting fun and friendship.  These are usually organized by geographic areas.  See the Vice President for information on how to join.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH - Patterns are printed in the newsletter each month.  Make the block according to the directions using the colors designated.  Blocks are due the following month (e.g., the pattern you receive in the January newsletter will be due in February.)  Turn your completed block(s) in at either chapter meeting.  A drawing is held and the blocks are given to the winner.  Please use good quality, 100 percent cotton fabrics; and, remember to always remove the selvages. 

BORDER EXCHANGE - The participant makes a center square for her quilt.  The square and any fabric the maker wants used in the borders is placed in a brown paper bag.  At the meeting the bags are exchanged, keeping secret the owner’s identity.  The person who receives the block adds a border, using fabric from her/his stash and any the owner provided, and brings it back in the bag each month.  It is exchanged a designated number of times.  Each border is different and predetermined in the original instructions.  Finally the finished quilt top is returned to the owner.

CHARM SQUARE EXCHANGE - Those wishing to exchange charm squares prepare 12 six-inch squares of pre-washed, 100 percent cotton theme fabric of the month.  (Remove selvages.)  The squares are placed in a plastic bag with the owner’s name on it.  The bag is given to the Charm Square committee at the beginning of the meeting and the squares are swapped.  At the break, the bags are returned to their owners with an assortment of different fabric squares.

CHALLENGE - In December or January of each year the committee issues a challenge to members to make a quilt or other article.  The committee sets the rules each year.  The challenge may be to use a certain fabric which the committee has selected, or to use a certain pattern, or to follow a certain theme.  The finished quilts and other articles are brought in to the September (subject to change) meeting and after voting, awards are made.

FALL FESTIVAL AND OTHER LOCAL EVENTS - Community sponsored events where we have displays of quilts and demonstrate quilting.  We need lots of volunteers to visit with the people, show them how to quilt, and to sell raffle tickets for our current (where applicable) raffle quilt.

FAT QUARTER EXCHANGE - A fat quarter is a half yard of fabric that has been cut vertically into two pieces approximately 18” x 22."  The fabric is then folded, rolled and tied.  Fat quarters can be purchased already rolled and tied at local quilt shops.  There are two ways the exchange can be conducted:  1.  You bring in your fat quarter(s) at the beginning of the meeting and at the break you select a fat quarter for each one you brought in (i.e., if you bring two, you select two to take home); or,  2.  the fat quarters are collected and drawings are held to select the winner(s) who get the fabric.

FRIENDSHIP BLOCKS - This is a fun way to get blocks for a sampler quilt.  Those who wish to participate bring in a fat eighth for each block they want to get back (i.e., if you want 6 blocks, you bring 6 fat eighths).  A fat eighth is made by cutting a fat quarter in half and measures approximately 11” x 18."  If you have any special instructions, for example “No yellow” or if you have other fabric you want used in the block, roll it inside the fat eighth.  The fat eighths are turned in at the beginning of the meeting and at the break you select one for each one you turned in.   You then have several months to make the block(s) of your choice with this fabric.  In the designated month the blocks are brought in and you get the ones with your fabric back.  Some exchanges sign the finished block with their names, some do not.

GREETER  - Please sign in at the meeting entrance and pick up a door prize ticket.  Be sure to wear your Guild name tag or pay a 50 cent fine. 

HOLIDAY MYSTERY – In August, those wishing to make the Holiday Mystery quilt sign up and pay a small fee.  The directions are then given out in September, October and November. The participants don’t know what the finished quilt will look like until they complete it.  The quilts are brought in to the December meeting for all to see and enjoy.

LIBRARY - The Guild has over 200 quilt-related books divided into two libraries:   Red Dot and Blue Dot.  This refers to the color of the dot on the book cover.  The libraries are rotated every six months between the chapters.  You may borrow two books per month if you have no outstanding books or fines.   Please write your name, member number, and the date DUE (month/year) on the card in the pocket inside the book cover.  Books must be returned to the same chapter meeting you borrowed them from (i.e., red dot day cannot be returned to blue dot night).  The fine for overdue books is $1 per month per book.  Donations of books are gladly received.  To provide maximum availability to members, books can be renewed only once.  This must be done in person at the meeting with book in hand.  You may request a book be placed on hold for you.  Members are responsible for the replacement cost of lost or damaged books.

Monthly Mini - Each month a guild member volunteers to make a small quilt related item such as a wall hanging, table runner, etc. At each meeting chances may be purchased for a predetermined dollar amount. A winner is drawn from the chances sold.

ORNAMENT EXCHANGE - Handmade Holiday ornaments are exchanged at the December meetings.  Ornaments may be purchased, but they must be handmadeTo participate, wrap your ornament and bring it to the meeting.  At the break, the ornaments will be exchanged according to the way the Program Chairperson has decided.

QUILT SHOW - At intervals (usually biannually) the Guild sponsors and organizes a display of quilts made by our members, members of other guilds, heirloom quilts and award winning quilts.  This is open to the general public for a nominal fee.

RAFFLE QUILT - The raffle quilt is designed by a committee and the blocks are pieced, assembled and quilted by volunteers.  We sell raffle tickets to raise money for Guild projects.  The quilt is usually raffled at a symposium or quilt show.

RECYCLE TABLE -  Have magazines or books you no longer want, fabric you aren’t going to use, quilt patterns or other items you need to clear out to make more room for your fabric stash?  Put them on the Recycle Table.  Don’t forget to look over the great things you’ll find there.  

SERVICE PROJECTS - Every year the Guild has a special project where quilts or related items are made to benefit various community organizations. The committee researches the community needs and presents them to the Guild.  The membership votes on which project we’ll work on.

SILENT AUCTION - The yearly silent auction is a way for the chapter to raise money.  Members donate quilting-related items as well as finished projects, UFOs; etc.  A bid sheet is placed with each item and bidder writes his/her membership number and the bid on the sheet.  The next person writes his/her bid beneath the first one.  There is a predetermined minimum amount (usually 25 or 50 cents) the bid must be raised. At the end of the auction time, the highest bidder purchases the article.

SYMPOSIUM - At intervals, the Guild sponsors and organizes an event composed of classes, vendors mart, lectures, and a fashion show.  Usually a nationally known instructor is brought in to lecture and give a class.  Our own talented members provide instruction and a chance to learn new things and meet other quilters.